1990 Skybox Michael Jordan #41

Feb 12, 2021 | Sports Cards | 0 comments

It’s wild how much I remember the summer I started buying cards. The summer, I broke my arm, missed a season of coach-pitch baseball, went swimming with a trash bag attached to my body, and could hit a tennis ball a mile with my cast. 😏 I spent most of the days that summer staying with older cousins playing Nintendo, and going to the pool. We’d also venture to Main Street to get snacks and packs of trading cards for less than $1. The set I remember buying the most was 1990 Skybox Basketball, chasing the Bulls and Michael Jordan. I accumulated quite a few. My uncle was a Celtics fan, so my cousins traded me all of their Bulls cards for my Celtics. I think that worked out okay in my favor, six rings later. 😂

The 1990 Skybox Michael Jordan #41 was probably the first of thousands of Jordans I’ve accumulated and is still one of my favorites. Skybox may have been one of the first to incorporate computer-generated art into the card’s base design, which will always be dope to me. And add the golfing picture on the back; this card is a junk-wax GOAT of the GOAT.

1990 skybox 41 michael jordan back


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