How to Win FanDuel Fantasy Football

How to Win FanDuel Fantasy Football
August 30, 2017 Ben Niehues IV

FanDuel took traditional season-long fantasy football leagues and compressed them into a turbocharged daily/weekly game. Each week you have the opportunity to select new contests and your ultimate fantasy teams. For each contest, you start with a $60,000 salary and must complete a line-up consisting of nine positions (QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, K, and D). Below I will discuss my strategy of selecting the optimal contests and explain how to win FanDuel fantasy football and consistently increase your bankroll.

Which Contests Should I Play?

There are four main types of contests: Tournaments, 3-100 Player, Head to Heads, and 50/50s & Multipliers.

Tournaments are the highest paying contests with guaranteed prize pools. The contest size varies from 10 to 100,000+ entries and typically pay out no more than the top 20% of players with winnings equal to your entry fee all the way up to $1,000,000.

3-100 Player contests allow you to compete against fewer players with multiple payout structures. The contest size varies from 3 to 100 entries. A contest with 100 players pays out the top 12% with winnings 3x to 25x your entry fee.

Head to Heads allow you to compete 1-on-1 against a single opponent. In a winner take all, you have a 50% chance to win 1.8x your entry fee.

50/50s include up to 100 entries and give a 50/50 shot to win 1.8x your entry fee while Multipliers allow you to play for up to 5x your money!

My favorite contests I play to consistently increase my bankroll are the 50/50s and the 100 Player contests.

The 50/50 contest is the easiest to win. If the name didn’t give it away you have a 50% chance of success. Outscoring half of the field will return 1.8x your entry fee. For example, in a $25 contest containing 100 players, it doesn’t matter if you finish 1st or 50th you win $45. Once you master the art of line-up creation, you should be able to win 50/50s at least 75% of the time. If you can win three $25 50/50 contest out of every four you will net $35.

The 100 Player contest may not be as obvious since you only have a 12% chance of winning, but hear me out. Tournaments lure players in with large jackpots, but the truth is your chances of earning 25x your entry fee or more is usually less than 0.1%. Your odds of winning 25x your entry fee in a 100 Player contest is 10 times greater! The opportunity at $1,000,000 is enticing but when it comes to the sweet spot of likely finishes, the returns are much greater in a 100 Player contest. Again with the correct line-up creation, you should be able to increase your odds of winning a 100 Player contest to 20-25% of the time.

The table below shows the odds of winnings based on the entry fee of both contests. For example, in a $2 contest of each, a top 2% finish in a typical tournament would return $8 while a 100 Player contest would return $30. *Note: Every tournament payout structure is a little different.

Winnings x Entry Fee 100 Player Contest Typical Tournament*
3x 12% 5%
4x 9% 2%
5x 6% 1%
6x 5% 0.8%
8x 4% 0.5%
10x 3% 0.3%
15x 2% 0.2%
25x 1% 0.1%

Which Slate of Games Should I Play?

You may have noticed the week’s schedule is broken down into “slates” such as Thurs-Mon, Sun-Mon, Sun, Sun 1PM Only, Sun 4PM Only, Prime Time, etc. I typically only play slates that include at least 8 games, usually the Thurs-Mon, Sun-Mon, and Sun slates. I find slates that contain fewer than 8 games are more volatile and harder to be consistently successful.

How Much Should I Bet?

Being a moderate player, I usually bet 20-25% of my bankroll weekly with 85-90% of my entry cost being 50/50 contests and the other 10-15% being 100 Player contest. So if I had $500 in my FanDuel account, I would enter three $25 50/50s, two $10 50/50s, and six $2 100 Player contest for a total entry cost of $107.

…But I’m feeling risky!

1) If you want to be a little riskier, you can obviously increase the percent amount of your bankroll bet each week.

2) Move 20-30% of your weekly 50/50 wagers to Multipliers such as a Double Up (top 45% win 2x entry fee) or a Triple Up (top 30% win 3x entry fee).

3) If you want to chase a jackpot move a couple of your favorite 100 Player line-ups to single entry Tournaments.

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how to win fanduel fantasy football

If you try any of the strategies above I would love to hear your results in the comments below. Also if you have any other tips on how to win FanDuel fantasy football and consistently increase your bankroll please share in the comments below!