Greatest Football Catch Ever

Greatest Football Catch Ever
November 24, 2014 Ben Niehues IV

During my prime community college days, my 6′ 3″, 180-pound frame was capable of gobbling up 40 yards every 4.75 seconds. 😂 For those not familiar with the 40-yard dash, St. Louis Ram’s left tackle Greg Robinson ran his in 4.84 seconds at 6′ 5″, 332 pounds! As you can imagine, I wasn’t outrunning anyone. The only way I claimed a roster spot was because I caught everything thrown in my direction.

Well last night, Odell Beckham Jr displayed the nicest hands hand I have ever seen! ODB had one of the most ridiculous catches in football history, and quite honestly, I wasn’t that shocked. I blinked a few times to believe it, but I’ve seen Beckham’s supernatural pre-game antics in the NFL. Considering the distance, the velocity, the defender, the TOUCHDOWN…I’m going to go ahead and give Odell’s catch “the greatest ever” award. I say “ever” and not “all-time” because in a post-game interview Beckham had this to say, “I hope it’s not the greatest catch of all time, I hope I can make more.”

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And below are my three choices to rival Beckham’s catch as the greatest ever. Where do you think the Odell Beckham Jr catch ranks? Which catch is your favorite? And who am I missing? Share in the comments!

Cris Carter, Ohio State – 1985

Edwin Baptiste, Morgan State – 2008

Aaron Dobson, Marshall – 2011